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Affordable Home Décor Ideas

Add texture to your home: Using some wallpapers, ombre color combos or patterns to give your space an extreme but stylish look, you can add some texture for Affordable Home Décor Ideas. To add depth and distinction to your walls, you can also try sponging, rag-rolling or several other wall texture techniques. Play with Stripes: […]

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Best Customized Hand-Painted Barn Art for your Home

Presenting the Barn Art Ideas to give your home and office a new and fresh look that you would absolutely love! If you are an art lover and want to share this love with your home and office, then this is the right page for your doubts. We are presenting the types of different Barn […]

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Art is More Than Just a Pretty Face

The Benefits of Art Whether we’re observing art or creating it, art offers us an escape from our current reality to another place, time, or maybe a completely different universe. A study published in 2010 by the American Journal of Public Health suggested that art not only offers a mental escape, but a number of […]

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The Barn Banner

Barn Banners are outdoor artworks that are based on modern and traditional American designs. We hand-paint them at our studio in the Cascade foothills, near Seattle (pictured below). They will last through decades of rain and sun. Arranged alone or in a pattern, they make bold stylistic statements for outdoor and indoor spaces. Barn Banners […]

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Barn Banners have deep roots in America’s cultural heritage. They reference the old practice of “barn-quilt” painting, where a single unit of a textile pattern would be blown up to titanic proportions and transferred to a wooden board hanging on a barn. The play of different colors and shapes expressed moral lessons intuitively and briefly, […]



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