Customized, Hand-Painted Barn Banners

Are you looking to add a fun, original look to your home or property? Barn Banners creates outdoor barn art and other graphic motifs on professional, high-quality signboards in a variety of sizes. We may be a small operation, but we paint on demand and will ship your Barn Banner two to four weeks after you order your artwork.

  • Natural Milk-Based Paints to Withstand the Weather
  • New Shipments Go Out Every Friday
  • Themed and Original Designs Available by Request

Own an authentic piece of American artisanship today!

Harry Roberts


Harry Roberts has had a busy career, and a lot of his jobs have started with the letter C, like COO, CEO, and Cool Hunter. As a former Starbucks’ Creativity Czar, he came up with a variety of products you may recognize. Before that, he oversaw a consulting agency that gave marketing advice to companies like Apple.

Overall, he’s launched four companies and served as a top executive in five companies total. After such a busy career, you can understand him for wanting to do something a little more low-key like making artwork. Now he paints Barn Banners from his home workshop, adding another “C” job to his résumé: craftsman.

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What are customers saying?

  • Harry Roberts’ creative output of artwork for Barn Banners is a unique homage that references the barn quilt pattern making of the Pennsylvania Dutch. Each work shares a unique blend of pattern, color and shape, mixed with whimsical humor and storytelling. Barn Banners is an exciting venture into the second act of Harry’s life as […]

    Olympia Lambert
    Global Brand Strategy
  • Just looking at the art online, I think it’s really wonderful – so colorful, simple yet elegant designs. We happen to know Harry for a long, long time – like back to high school days in the Catskill Mountains, and know how creative he has always been. We’ll be visiting in the Seattle area soon […]

  • Harry’s delight in creating these signs is equalled only by the delight they inspire. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this art move from barns to fashion interiors. Shouldn’t art be fun?

  • Harry – The paintings are awesome! Your work is so beautiful. My Son and I are just beginning preparation for mounting. It seems there has been little time for the things we’d like to do as opposed to the things we have to do. Our lives have been very busy. I will certainly send you […]

    Phyllis Siegel York
    Vice President (CHE Consulting, Inc)

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